Bedtime prayer

Father God in the name of Jesus! Father of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. The father of all creation known to mankind.  The inventor of love, prosperity, healing, deliverance, and power! Father God I ask you on tonight to calm somebody storm right now!  My God I feel it in my spirit that somebody is going through and through and they are tired and need a release! My God release them on tonight from sickness, disease, welfare, poverty,  distortion,  anger, hate, jealousy, embarrassment of celebrating you my God! Shield them,  protect them love them, hold them close to your heart.  I ask that you lead them to still waters! I speak peace into their life,  I speak victory into their lives over all the barriers that they face.  I pray single men and women find their spouses.  I pray that the fatherless have that special role model and helper to come into their lives to give them the nourishment and guidance a father gives.  I pray that the widow find love again and get support they need to continue a prosperous life.  I live on the faith my God of knowing and understanding who you are, and that you will come to your children rescue! I ,your servant,  your purest Prophet, ask all these favors in your name sake, Amen!!!.. God bless.. Goodnight!


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