Prayer for continued Independence

Father God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob The God of Alpha and Omega.The God of eternal life,and to the God of the Heavens…..I pray to you today for continued independence of our great nation. The enemy is always trying to attack what is good..but right now Lord I ask of you that every form of weaponry, may it be in a form of a meeting, blue prints organized to create weapons, any form of anger, any form of jealousy,any form of hatred that is or has developed towards your people, I ask that you interceed in it right now and wave your powerful right hand and erase anything that is trying to come near there! We are your children ,and we need your continued protection. Help instill in your children the importance of putting on their whole armour to battle these evil spirits and powers of wickedness through the Spirit instead of in the physical flesh! I pray to you today that you will stretch out your hand to all of us and continue to give us your perfect love,save those who need to be saved, get the attention of the unrighteous,deliver those who are walking in darkness,and send your army of angels to surround us all. In the name of the father,son and holyspirit, I pray Amen!

Rock me Jesus(original poem)

Rock me Jesus,  I need some love

Rock me Jesus,  if not I’ll fly away like a dove

Rock me Jesus,  I swear I’m in love

Rock me Jesus, your father fits me like a dove

Rock me Jesus, and I promise I wont faint

Rock me Jesus, nothing but a hallelujah shout in my tank

Rock me Jesus,  until you can’t rock no more

Rock me Jesus, then finally may God open up heaven’s door

…..Amen! Good night

Bedtime prayer

Father God in the name of Jesus! Father of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. The father of all creation known to mankind.  The inventor of love, prosperity, healing, deliverance, and power! Father God I ask you on tonight to calm somebody storm right now!  My God I feel it in my spirit that somebody is going through and through and they are tired and need a release! My God release them on tonight from sickness, disease, welfare, poverty,  distortion,  anger, hate, jealousy, embarrassment of celebrating you my God! Shield them,  protect them love them, hold them close to your heart.  I ask that you lead them to still waters! I speak peace into their life,  I speak victory into their lives over all the barriers that they face.  I pray single men and women find their spouses.  I pray that the fatherless have that special role model and helper to come into their lives to give them the nourishment and guidance a father gives.  I pray that the widow find love again and get support they need to continue a prosperous life.  I live on the faith my God of knowing and understanding who you are, and that you will come to your children rescue! I ,your servant,  your purest Prophet, ask all these favors in your name sake, Amen!!!.. God bless.. Goodnight!