Why Pray? (Original poem)

Why pray? Have you ever seen the end to know that it is coming,

Why pray? Did you ever hear of a perfect murderer sobering,

Why pray? Have you ever seen the king to know that he is there,

Why pray?Are you loving ,caring, sharing,  make your heart aware,

Why pray? Its like a spiritual fairytale,

Why pray? Dream of dreams, going to the extreme, in holy warfare,

Why pray? My God chose you instead of the wicked,

Why pray?  He ‘s trying to help you get your eternal ticket,

Why pray? God loves, he heals he delivers, and cherish you and I,

Why pray?  Don’t you know the enemy just want to pull you down to die!

Why pray? It’s a soul healing event when you bend your knees to fight,

Why pray? Praying for others, being sincere, will help you sleep at night ,

Why pray? So look deep within yourself and find that secret place,

Why pray?  And give everything back to the Lord in prayer, and win this spiritual race!

…….Amen, be blessed…. The Prophetess




Prayer release

Prayer brings about an interruption in activity. Prayer brings about a chemical induced change, prayer connects you to our father.  It releases you from the ties of destruction.  Prayer helps destroy the yolks of bondage.  God interceeds in prayer.  He takes the form of healing, deliverance, spiritual power in prayer.  Prayer open up doors to the realm of the Spirit! What happens to those who are released from fleshy desires at the the realm of the Spirit? You become purified; God washes you clean, makes you whole again, so pray!

Nightly Prayer(short original poem)

Gracious is our father, whom reign from above

He knows the hour of prayer is near and it’s perfect like a dove

With his love and precious moments to share from day to day,

I’m glad I didn’t think it was robbery to bend my knees and pray!

I see the crown of victory as I walk the streets of gold,never like I could have imagined there are stories left untold!

As I bend my knees every night to glorify my Saviour,

I repent, I pray, and you can only imagine how it feels when his precious gift walks in.

I thank the Lord for all he do and all he will soon too,

I ask him to cover me, my family, my friends, and especially you too!

…….Amen, good night…….